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A Little Help From Our Friends

I love campThis love child of mine is always growing and changing, but PEACE Out Loud is dedicated to community partnerships. We have already made such lovely connections with places and people in our neighborhood-folks like Spiral Gardens, Kids ‘N Clay and the CalJulia neighborhood association, just to name a few. This past summer we had such guest artists as Mr. O, Risa Lenore, Nancy Schimmel, Melanie Tormos, Cory of Family Book Lab; we visited Green Faerie Farm and Spiral, as well as the Lawrence Hall of Science; we went to see the Prescott Family Circus and took photography tours of the neighborhood. And all summer long we had an informal partnership with others in our neighborhood park, including Abundant Summers.

To Register for camp, please fill out a Camp Registration Form and send it via email or post to the address on the form. Then please email me with your requested dates at . To see a list of dates please click here.

As we look forward to providing an open-ended and engaging camp experience for any child who wants it, we are excited to offer some of our School’s Out camps with Abundant Summers/Abundant Beginnings. Shayna and Red (and the rest of their team) are an amazing group of people dedicated to making the world a better place for all of its people, regardless of age or size. They have a ton of child development, psychology and activist experience, and I am tickled pink to be working with them. When you sign up for camp on November 10th, you will be with Red Karpman and Shayna Cureton (I will be there to help check in during the morning, and will be back for aftercare.) On November 11th, I will be at camp with Red and Shayna. If you are registered for Dance Out Loud/PEACE Out Loud, you do not have to re-register for Abundant Beginnings. And if you are already registered with Abundant Beginnings, you do not have to register with Dance Out Loud. We are each our own entities, working together to provide more care than we each could separately.