Owner Nanci Armstrong-Temple

Nanci Armstrong-Temple

Nanci Armstrong-Temple

Owner/Director Nanci Armstrong-Temple was born in a tutu and tennis shoes, with an invisible unicorn horn, banging her own drum to the music she can hear in every day sounds.  

She comes to you after many years of teaching in the Bay and Los Angeles Areas, and is sure that the world would be a better place if everyone would dance and sing a little more.  To this end she has taught and begun music, dance, garden, coaching, and musical theater programs in Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and Los Angeles unified school districts, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, churches, the YMCA and street parties up and down the 101 and back.  

She has nine year old twin girls who are the light of her life, and she wakes up every morning grateful to get to be the parent of two such wondrous people.

She is an Educational Anthropologist with a penchant for dreaming and a secret love of archaeology. She grew up in an environment that promoted peace but still had a lot of public and private wars.  She wonders why people fight so much, and has spent most of her life studying people and their ways.  For the last 24 years she has taught dance and music and theater to children, and peaceful communication practices. 

For the last ten years she has been consciously and conscientiously weaving peace studies and practices into her arts teaching.

And for the last five years she has been consciously cultivating a practice of Social Permaculture and uses her creativity to inspire people to develop social enterprises with Triple Bottom Line philosophies. 

In 2012 she officially announced her P.E.A.C.E. Out Loud program, and spends much of her life dreaming about ways to bring more peace into her own heart and into the world around her.  To this end, she is an avid meditator and reader of literature on and about peace and by and about peaceful warriors, an activist, a gardener and sustainable garden program volunteer who believes that peace and justice are sisters who find it hard to exist without the other.

Says Ms. Nanci:

“There are words, thoughts and emotions that cannot be expressed unless they are performed.”

She can be contacted for more information at Dance Out Loud, 510-301-5073 or at msnanci@dancingloud.com.

To meet in person, please feel free to come to an Upcoming Event.

Dance on!

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