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How to know if you’re a seat of your pants mompreneur…

workingmomThis is an old one, but I wanted to repost as it’s still relevant. I may need to add to it now that the girls are older…

How to know if you’re a seat-of-your pants mompreneur

Originally posted to facebook and a blog that erased it (blogspot?) on July 17, 2009 at 3:37pm

1) You have closed a deal while changing a diaper.

2) You have accidentally gotten breast milk or formula on a contract. (No comment)

3) Your child’s normal temperature is often higher than your business account balance.

4) The first time you heard the term ‘tweet’ you looked around to see the little birdy.

5) You’ve said to a client “I have to use the potty” and didn’t realize until later they might be weirded out (unless, of course, they’ve also potty trained a small child).

6) You’ve had to interrupt a business call to kiss a boo boo.

7) You’ve put a napkin on the neck of/squirted ketchup on the plate of/or wiped something off the face of a client or employee, without even thinking about the potential legal consequences.

8) You regularly schedule business meetings at the play Cafe. (Originally I posted this with info with SadieDeys Cafe, which has since closed. But Play Cafe is alive and well!

9) You’ve looked for every possible way to write off your nanny as a business expense.

10) “Dressed up” for work means no vomit/food/urine etc stains on your t-shirt.

11) The only “Time off” you get is nap time.