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Sign Up for Camps Today!

Why should kids have to choose between being makers and being movers?

Growing up, I loved the kinds of camps that had lots to make and lots of movement. So here it is: PEACE Out Loud, our version of a movers (sports, running, playing, jumping, climbing, dance, tumbling, gymnastics, circus and silly) and makers (coding, soldering, building, sewing, knitting and crafting) camp.

Every camp child has the time and space to celebrate the magic that is childhood. And, as part of every camp day, children are also taught valuable communication and conflict resolution skills on a peaceful communication and inclusion platform.


San Pablo Park in Berkeley: 2800 Park Street, Berkeley, CA 94702


Before Care 8:30am-9:00am
Camp 9:00am-3:30pm (9-1 for under 5s)
After Care 3:30pm-5:30pm (1-5:30 p.m. for under 5s)


Campers from 2-12 yrs old
Youth 11-15 as Counselors in Training
Teens 14-17 as Junior Counselors
Parents and caregivers are welcome to stay and participate at any time.
(Children under 2 are also welcome if a parent/caregiver stays with them)


Dance Out Loud provides PEACE Out Loud camps during Oakland and Berkeley Unified School District spring breaks, and during the summer. We also offer a PEACE Out Loud “Day of Play” single day camp on most days that the schools are closed.

To sign up for camp:

Email or call 510-301-5073 to confirm your spot

PayPal Payment to or mail registration and payment to 2729 Wallace Street, Berkeley, 94702

We are working on an online sign-up for camps, but that is currently beyond our technical capacity. We are great with kids, not as great with WordPress.


May 19th Day of Play (Staff Development Day, BUSD Closed) Day of Play Reg Form 2014 5.19.2014

6/13 Day of Play (No school, OUSD)

(6/16-6/27 BUSD, OUSD closed; no P.E.A.C.E. Out Loud Camp) Day of Play Reg Form 2014 5.23.2014

6/30-7/3 PEACE Out Loud Summer Camp first week! Camp Registration Form General

Week 1: June 30th-July 3rd: Plant and Animal Science

We love animals! This week we will spend some time learning about the animals in our neighborhood and in the world around us. We will also visit some of them and get to see and study how they live.

Week 2: July 7th-July 11th: Photo Effects

Say cheese! This week we will take pictures of everything we can find, print on sun paper, make our own photo montages, and learn about the art and science of photography. We will also visit a local photo lab.

Week 3: July 14th-18th: Money Makers

We will learn about the art and science of different types of economies, and set up our own local enterprise where the kids will get to make real money of their own. Lemonade stand? Button business? Bakery? The kids will decide, and learn about how to spend, share, invest and save.

Week 4: July 21s-July 25th: Water and Air

How do water and air work to power things? We will look at water systems and wind power, and this week we will build cardboard boats and attend a boat derby on Friday afternoon. We will also make kites (Berkeley Kite Festival is the weekend after camp, the 26th-27th).

Please note there is no camp from July 28th-August 1st.

Week 5: August 4th-8th: Sun and Moon

How do the sun and moon influence the earth? How do they work, and how can their power be harnessed? This week we will make solar powered robots and vehicles and visit tide pools.

Week 6: August 11th-15th: Rube Goldberg Week

Ever built a trail of dominoes just to watch them fall? Well, you and Rube could’ve been great friends! We will build all kinds of chain reactions to accomplish simple tasks, and we will visit the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Week 7: August 18th-22nd: Movie Makers

Get behind the camera to make your own moving picture short! We will have visiting artists who will help us to film and edit our pieces.