Songs in the Garden

What is the Songs in the Garden series?

Kids looking in instrument basket

My not-so-secret agenda is to invite everyone I know and everyone I meet to sing and dance more.

There are so many things that can’t be said with the spoken word, and so many ways that we can love each other with our voices and time.

Songs in the Garden is our contribution to that effort, to love and sing and dance more.  It is a free music session and all are welcome.

And, as a bonus, we will get to know and become familiar with all aspects of the world around us. We will learn how food is grown, and get to sample things grown in the garden. We will visit and take care of animals and plants.

Come join us in the garden some time.  Feel free to bring your children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents, instruments and voices.  We provide a song leader, props, instruments, sometimes some bubbles or parachute and balls, and the garden or park.

Details for upcoming Songs in the Garden sing alongs can be found on our Facebook page.




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