Class Descriptions

This is a description of some of our class offerings. We do not have any open classes at this time.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT: Who says that you can’t dance?  Not us!  You can learn to walk like dinosaurs, gallop like zebras and fly like dragons and fairies.  On any given day we might be pirates or mermaids or any number of real or magical creatures in our classes, and each has something to teach us about how to move our bodies.

BALLET AND TAP CLASSES: 2 to 8 years. Ballet was never this fun when we were kids! With energetic, multicultural music and innovative ways of teaching ballet basics, your kids will never know how much they’re learning. The first half of the class focuses on classical and modern ballet skills, including barre and centre work.  The second half focuses on tap skills.

SQUIGGLES AND GIGGLES: Don’t you have enough to do without worrying about how to get the glitter off the floor? This time the glitter’s on us. Have your tot (classes are for 2-4 year olds; older classes by request) leave the mess with us in this fun and interactive art class that includes individual and group projects as well as music and games.

TOTS SHAKIN’ RHYTHM: Ages 8 months to 2 years. A class where the littlest of us can begin to learn dance skills. With fun music and group activities, props, puppets, instruments and more.

TUMBLE TYKES: Ages 2 years to 6 years. Basic tumbling classes, focusing on mid line crossing and skill building including balancing, tumbling, cartwheels, rhythm and body confidence. Of course, this class includes fun props as well as varying styles of music including classical, modern and world music styles.

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