Our mission is to develop self-esteem, non-violent communication strategies and body confidence through the practice of gymnastic, visual, performance and martial arts.

We do this with the intention that creatively nurtured and expressive human beings create sustainable, just and loving ways of living and being in the local and global communities.

What does Dance Out Loud offer?

We offer the highest quality classes and teachers and we bring them to your site, a comfortable place that the children and youth are already familiar with.

Owner, director and lead instructor Nanci Armstrong-Temple is a cultural anthropology major and education specialist with over 20 years teaching music, movement and theater to children and youth.

With a combination of energetic, multicultural music and innovative ways of teaching, students will never know that all that fun is actually some of their most important work.  Children combine loco-motor (for example jumping, running, and skipping) and non loco-motor (e.g. bending, stretching, and twisting) activities, storytelling, puppetry and more to promote the development of crucial childhood tasks, including perceptual-motor efficiency.

We teach these skills within a framework of nonviolence and conflict resolution, always remembering that every human being-no matter their age-deserves to have their persons and ideas respected.

Types of Classes:

  • Creative Music and Movement*
  • Baby Music
  • Preschool Music Appreciation*
  • Musical Theater
  • Preschool Drama*
  • Elementary Drama
  • Middle/High School Drama
  • Ballet/Tap
  • Hip Hop
  • Modern Dance
  • Capoeira**
  • Anti-bullying Workshops
  • Empathy Through Drama
  • Teacher Training
  • Sing Alongs
  • And More!

Additional Services:

  • Camp
  • After school classes
  • Special events – back to school nights, new staff orientations, welcome picnics and more
  • Parties – birthday, holiday, and anytime parties planned and executed by Dance Out Loud
  • Workshops – for parents, teachers, professionals and lay people interested in learning about creative arts as a means to increasing their own and others’ physical, cognitive and emotional intelligence and decreasing bullying
  • Playgroups – for families, schools, and groups


* These classes are only appropriate for preschool sites.

** Capoeira is appropriate for ages 3 and above.

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