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A new homeschool adventure: ours.

school_houseThis fall, we will set out on an official homeschool adventure.¬† I’ll write more sometime soon, but for now, here is a list of some resources if you are on the same journey.

Lisa Rivero writes this little ditty about who to read, to the tune of Mambo #5. I haven’t read all of them yet, but it looks like a fun way to start:

A little bit of Dewey for a start
A little bit of John Holt adds some heart
A little bit of Elkind helps us wait
A little bit of Eda’s not too late
A little bit of Mihaly, we’re in flow
A little bit of Roeper helps us grow
A little bit of Maslow shows the way
A whole lot of love and we’re okay!



Some resources:

Dumbing Us Down

Article by Patrick Farenga on John Holt

Marshall Rosenberg this is an intro to NVC on YouTube (Not a homeschool advocate that I know of, but a huge part of why I choose to homeschool this year)

NVC (NonViolent Communication)

Alfie Kohn

John Dewey

John Holt