Ms. Nanci: I love you but your sign-up process sucks.


Hearing some variation of “Ms. Nanci: I love you, but your sign-in process sucks” is becoming way too common an occurrence.

People LOVE our programs. Kids love coming to camp. Parents love sending their kids, with few exceptions. (Even little Ella came to camp last week and loved it. She wasn’t thrilled the first time around.) We love offering camp. We love climbing trees and building marble run and playing on playgrounds and doing water play and having snacks and all of the great things that camp is.

The problem?

Check out my website. There are still classes listed from 2013. The registration page sends you to a random PDF and a donate button. (what, exactly, am I supposed to do here, one parent rather kindly asked. Okay. Maybe more than one.)

The biggest problem? There are people who want to pay me, who would love to pay me, who are trying desperately to sign their kids up and pay me for camps and classes and workshops or sign themselves up for workshops and coaching groups. And they Don’t. Know. How.

Great programs thrive or fail because of ease of use-the internet’s form of hospitality. And, although I love sand, I can’t pay my bills with it.

So. This time, it’s still a bit of a pain in the tuchus to register and pay. You can use the donate button here. You can PayPal to Either way, just leave a note saying who you’re paying for. Camps are $40-$80 sliding scale per day, and you determine where on the scale you fall. Camp for a kid under 5 is from 9-1; older than 5 is 9-3:30. Need before care 8-9? Add $5/day. Aftercare? Add another $10/day.

And here’s my pledge. Right now, this very minute, I’m working to update the registration process. Not because of the money-though I need that to be sustainable, that’s not why we do what we do. The registration process will be easier because we love you, and ease of use is one way to show our hospitality, and our love.

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