STEAM Themes, Interrupted


Currently my family and I are driving south on the Palisades Parkway in New York, headed towards New Jersey.

I can hardly believe how green everything is. Apparently there was a drought here, recently, that was cured in one rainstorm. Can that even be called a drought?? In California we’ve been in a drought so long I can hardly believe we ever won’t be.

These themes were decided upon, for the most part, several weeks ago. But we were in the middle of rehearsals for a performance of Grease by the 8th graders at Black Pine Circle in Berkeley, then I got horribly ill, then Suzanne and her family got ill, then my kids did, (or was it the other way around?), and then we were preparing for the girls’ party, then preparing for this trip, and then we had a week of camp that we added because there were folks who asked and we had postponed our trip for a week so we thought why not, and then…

Here we are. Less than three weeks to camp and the themes aren’t published. They are planned, shopped for, and scheduled. Field trips will (mostly) be Wednesdays. Suzanne and Ajua will be with us, as well as Ewan and other special guests. Shayna and Red will be doing camp next to us, except when they’re at Lake Temescal. Mr. O will be across the park from us during several lucky weeks. We will be at Spiral Gardens at least once a week, and on Tuesdays the Farmer’s market will be right at San Pablo park. But somehow this part-the part where I write it all down and hit “publish” is just happening now.

Many apologies for the delay. I hope you can join us on a week that works for you. The registration form just shows weeks; however, as always, you’re welcome to sign up for a day or two whenever you need it. Just email or text with the days you need, and whether you need before and/or aftercare. Summer is here: let’s play. Dates and themes are below; cost is under that. Except on field trip days, all are welcome to bring scooters or bikes with a helmet.

STEAM Summer Camp. Outdoors.

(STEAM=Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathmatics)

Week 1: July 13th-17th String Theory
This week we will craft amazing creations out of yarn, string, cloth, nails, and board. We will weave and sew and learn about the physics of string and it’s theory. We will learn about whether there are animals who have stringy poop, and why humans don’t really want strings in our poop. And mostly, we will play outside.

Week 2: July 20th-27th Fabriculous
How much fabric is fabulous, and how much is ridiculous? We might answer that question this week. We will learn how different types of fabrics are made and dyed, and try our hands at spinning and decorating. And mostly, we will play outside.

Week 3: July 27th-31st Photo Shoppe
We will take and make tons of photos and make them into books. We will take a tour of Looking Glass Photo, and do some cool effects with Sun Paper. And yes, we will play outside.

(Please note: no camp August 3rd-15th)

Week 4: August 17th-21st Water Works
This week will be an exploration of water and waterways. We will learn about our local revitalized Strawberry Creek, what makes an estuary, and test water from different sources across the USA. Also-what is greywater and what can we use it for? Let’s play outside!

Week 5: August 24th-28th Rube Goldberg Week

One of our most popular weeks! We build complex machines our of everyday materials, learn about chain reactions and simple machines, and find out how much fun it is to knock things down. And of course, most of this will happen outside!

Week 6: August 31st-September 4th Collective Labor

The labor movement brought universal schooling, the eight hour work day, and the weekend to the American worker. We talk about what it means to work as a team, what that has to do with kids, and we will play outside.

Cost and Hours:

Before care is available for $5/day, but you must let us know ahead of time.

Camp is 9-1 for 2.5-5 years old, $35-$75/day or $175-$325/week. Aftercare available 1-5:30 pm for a $15/day flat rate.

Camp is 9-3:30 for 5-12 years old. Aftercare available 3:30-5:30 for a $10/day flat rate.

Counselors in Training/Future Facilitators (C.I.T.s) are scheduled on a case by case basis, and are upper elementary through middle schoolers, $25-$35/day or $125/week. Aftercare is free for CITs.

Junior Counselors are scheduled on a case by case basis, and are upper middle school through high school. Junior counselors are free, then eligible to receive a stipend after training. Aftercare is free for Junior Counselors.

*Please note: this post was edited and posted on June 23rd, but due to a glitch was not posted properly until July 2nd.

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