A note about parents at our events…

So. I’m a parent. And a teacher. And a business owner. And a homeschooler.

I’ve had many thoughts on how parents interact with camps and classes, especially over this last year. And this thing I’m about to say may surprise you, but

If you have a child attending any of our camps or classes, your presence and/or participation in that camp or class is welcome.

I know. It may seem weird that parents are welcome to everything we do. But we just feel that way. And…

If you have a child attending any of our camps or classes and you need to get to work or yoga or wherever you need to go, we want you to know that your child will be safe and loved and happy with us. And we promise to call if they need you.

That’s it. That’s our whole policy. There are other things, long years of time and research that led to such a policy. But we believe that anywhere children are, parents are welcome. And we also believe that parents should not have to feel guilty for having time away from their children. Just do what you and your child need to do, and we will help and support you in the best ways we can. That’s all for now.


Ms. Nanci

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